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My story

Unleash your daring spirit with Franky Amsterdam.

“Hi there! I am Franky, the driving force and recognizable face behind the brand you are exploring here. Allow me to take you on a journey through the highlights of my life because, trust me, we have more in common than you might think.

Growing up in a small village in the Netherlands, I always felt the longing for something more. Even then, I yearned for a taste of glamour and a touch of luxury. I remember wanting to get my ears pierced, but I never wore earrings because I could never find ones that truly resonated with me. They were either too delicate and unnoticed or too heavy and uncomfortable. Little did I know that this childhood desire would shape my mission today. Believe me – even though your biggest dreams might seem far away, they are closer and more reachable than you think. It’s a matter of manifestation and unwavering determination.

While I always hold my family and background dear, I was happy to take my first bold step into the vibrant city of Amsterdam and pursue my studies at The Amsterdam Fashion Institute. This is where I discovered my true essence of life. I proudly stand alongside every woman who dares to break free, forges her own path, and embraces her inner voice, regardless of the opinions of others. There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of feeling on top of the world, is there?

But what people don’t expect about me is my profound concern for the world around us. Traveling has been a tremendous source of inspiration. From an early age, I have witnessed diverse facets of life, experiencing various perspectives, struggles, and disparities in privilege. I am driven to give back and support others wherever I can, while pushing the boundaries of awareness for the unexpected.

Having seen, heard, and felt, we can affirm that life encompasses more than just glamour. However, deep down, we all know that even a tiny dose of glamour can spice up our lives and add a sparkle or two. That is why my mission is to design trending statement earrings that are not only stylish but also comfortable to wear. I want to bring that missing piece from my childhood to women who seek the same, allowing them to experience the confidence and embrace life’s adventures that come with adorning themselves with the perfect pair of earrings.

While feeling that sense of completeness, I simply want to celebrate life, dance on the dinner table, and bring a smile to everyone’s face around me. And I am extra grateful when my exclusive jewellery catches the sunlight and sparkles in their movement everywhere they go – from New York, to LA, from Paris to Milan, from London to Amsterdam or any little village in between. No matter how cliché it may sound, I’d rather share a smile with the world and welcome everyone around me than walk alone with arrogance.

We are strong. We are feminine. We are proud. And above all, we want to have fun! So never hold back. Embrace your bold side and immerse yourself in a world of glamour and luxury with Franky Amsterdam.

With an abundance of love and laughter,”


xx Franky

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