The Campbell earrings – 18k gold


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The Campbell earrings will be the new love of your life. One of the most enduring designs of lovely jewellery is an iconic heart shaped design. The meaning and symbolism of a heart design may seem obvious. However, a heart shaped pendant or ornament symbolizes love, friendship, and deep affection.

The heart symbol represents many different things, but especially romantic meanings. Nowadays, strong love and affection is the reason most people give pieces of heart jewellery. Either you give to your girlfriend or wife, you can also give it to your mother, sister or best friend. Just a special person for you. This piece of jewellery represents the powerful bond between two people: two unique souls, one beautiful heart of gold.

The Campbell earrings are lovely dainty earrings in the shape of a heart and consists of three small Zirconia stones to give it that Franky Amsterdam touch. They are small, but striking. The earrings give you a feeling of being adored and cherished.

The 925 sterling earrings are plated with 18 karats of gold. With a length 13 mm it makes it suitable for everyone.

– Perfect for gifting
– Made of 925 sterling silver & 18 karat gold
– Order before 16:00, shipped the same day




Diameter = 13 mm


Sterling Silver / Gold Plated, Zirconia


1 gram

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