The Clover earrings

Unique, gold plated earrings with zirconia stones.


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Recognizable by its remarkable design. The Clover earrings are creating the illusion glistering and magical Zirconia stones are floating below your ears. They are adjustable in three different options to fit any ear.

With their organic shape, it looks like the earrings are blossoming and growing. Like soft rain sprinkling from the bright clouds.

The Clover earrings fulfill that feeling of grace, elegance and daintiness. Embosomed, they surround protectively. The four leaves of a four-leaf clover symbolize the perfect unity.

Wearing the Clover earrings will make you feel like a four-leaf clover in a three-leaf clover garden. Rare to find but lucky to have.

One size fits all (adjustable).

– Perfect for gifting
– Gift packaging included

Weight 0,5 kg



Sterling Silver / Gold Plated, Zirconia


Adjustable, One size fits-all


0,5 grams

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