The Izzy earring


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You will definitely stand out by wearing the Izzy earring. This is a real eye-catcher.

We’d like to believe that this is the arrow that Cupid is supposed to fire from his bow. According to the myth, a person struck by the arrow immediately falls in love.

What is special about this design is that you wear the earring around your ear, so it seems to go through the ear. This expressive design can be worn alone or with one of our earcuffs. Just simply put on this Izzy earring and hit your target right away by looking bold and bright all day long.

– Perfect for gifting
– One earring 

– Made of 925 sterling silver & 18 karat gold
– Order before 16:00, shipped the same day 




925 Sterling Silver / 18K Gold Plated, Zirconia


35 mm

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