The Meadow earrings – Silver


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These are not your average earrings. The Meadow earrings are powerful, brave yet elegant. Go sky high wearing these bold beauties.

Bright like a shooting star. Nine sparkling Zirconia stones are running from big to small in the sculpted, fluid running bow. The Meadow earrings radiate divineness and whispers of love.

In only one sec. you will be ready to go because they are so easy to put in and are as light as a feather. Kickstart your day with these lucky charms.

Complete your look by wearing only one pair of earrings with a length of 23 mm. You can simply put them in the first hole of your ear because they only have one pin. Or go crazy and wear them in your second hole together with any earring you like.

These gems are the ultimate addition to your earrings stash.

– Perfect for gifting
– Made of 925 sterling silver
– Order before 16:00, shipped the same day




23 mm


925 Sterling Silver, Zirconia


One size fits-all

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