The Selene Moonstone earrings


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Our beautiful Selene Moonstone necklace is now also available as an earring! The stunning recreation of the necklace is a perfect match and a lovely way to showcase our special Moonstone.

The earring stands behind its name: Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. It symbolizes the power of feminine energy. It is a very personal stone, reflecting the person who wears it. The moonstone stabilises the emotions and provides success and good fortune. Because of the crystal healing properties, the Moonstone is used for healing and inner growth.

So, when creating The Selene Moonstone earring we had to make it perfect. The design is a beautiful representation of its meaning. The 925-sterling silver earring holds the Moonstone in its center with a delicate diamond ring surrounding it. The Zirconia diamonds have a stunning shine that radiates the beauty of this stone, being a true statement to your collection.

The stone has its own touch of magic: when encountering a beautiful moon, expose your Moonstone through a window to increase the meaning and its power. Its appearance has the ability to create a blue light that appears when revolving the moonstone near a source of light.

– Perfect for gifting
– Made of 925 sterling silver, 18 karat gold & Moonstone
– Order before 16:00, shipped the same day


Moonstone, 925 Sterling Silver / 18K Gold Plated


Diameter 10 mm

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